Vegas, Baby! (Friday)

So, loyal readers, here is my first blogging attempt in a new format. I am still mourning the soon to be demised “Travelpod” site that I loved so much, but realize I’d better move on. Here we are on WordPress. Bear with me as I learn this new tool…things like “how do I upload a photo?” and “Seriously, you’re going to charge me for uploading a video?”

Anyway, Jeff and I have been to Las Vegas many times, and I thought you might enjoy some tales from us “high rollers” (NOT!). As our trips go, we really don’t consider Vegas a vacation because we’ve been here so often. This time, however, we are staying in a condo instead of a hotel room and our packing will be a little different. I’ve put coffee and coffee filters into the suitcase. Jeff has thrown in a bag of carrots…yes, weird, I know! Did you notice I said “suitcase?” Between the two of us we’re taking one suitcase for the week, and since you see that we’ve packed things like carrots, obviously we aren’t taking a lot in the way of clothes. After all, what do you really need beside a couple of pairs of shorts, shirts and swimsuits?

Our flight isn’t until 3:30, so I clean the house, do the laundry, stuff like that; it will be nice to come back to a tidy home. Tom is off the hook as our private chauffeur so we drive to DIA and eventually we board our flight for the 90 minute trip to the Land of Lost Wages.

After landing we hopped on an airport shuttle to our condo. Unfortunately, we landed at rush hour, on a Friday night, on a holiday weekend. It took us longer to get to our place than to fly to Las Vegas! We’re beat, but we do need to go to the grocery store. After we unpack, we grab the map we got at the registration desk, our empty backpacks and head for Von’s. It looks very walkable and close. Good thing because it’s getting dark.

Well, looks can be deceiving!!! It is a long, long walk and we are going through a sketchy neighborhood. I can’t even describe how sketchy it is! We stop at a 7-11 to ask the security guide outside (I told you it was sketchy.) how much further the store was – just two blocks. Well, we’ve come this far…I muttered threats to Jeff “If I get killed walking to the grocery store, I’m gonna kill you…” hahahaha.  We agree that if we arrive at Von’s unscathed we’d call a taxi to take us back.

Shopping completed, an uneventful and welcome return trip via cab and we settled in on the couch for a dinner of microwave popcorn and beer.

Time for bed and tomorrow we’ll get down to doing whatever it is that people do here…

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