On our way!

Yippee! All packed and ready to go – our friend, Tom, arrived early to chauffer us to the airport. Apparently he slept later than he intended and still got to our house early. I’m sure he enjoyed watching us eat breakfast.

Our extra-legroom, exit row seats were nice and roomy and our flight to Atlanta was quick and uneventful. Though there is a train at the Atlanta airport we decided to walk to our international gate.  It was a pretty long walk and felt good to get some exercise. Our layover was almost 3 hours, which gave us time for a non-snacky meal and we both settle on spaghetti. Very tasty.

The flight from Atlanta to San Jose was a blast. Our upgrade included free drinks and a sandwich (too bad we ate the spaghetti). We also had free movies, so I got to watch “San Andreas” again which gave me my disaster movie fix for the week. We make it a point to give small gifts, usually chocolates, to the flight crews when we’re flying. The flight attendants work hard and I’m sure most of their work is thankless. We bought two bags of fancy chocolates before leaving home. We don’t expect or want anything in return – just to show our appreciation. Well, good golly! This flight crew was so appreciative!! By the end of the flight each of them had come to personally thank us, they kept us plyed with booze and when we started saying “no, thank you” to that, they delivered coffee. I could feel the other premium seat people around us wondering…especially when Marvin brought us chocolate chip ice cream with REAL spoons from the first class area. At the end of the flight the head steward brought us a thank you card and we were hugged as we deplaned. All because of some kind words and a $5 bag of chocolates.

Jeff was correct, landing in San Jose felt like coming home; well, except for the tremendously long line at immigration. Then going through customs, where they x-ray your luggage, my bag got pulled off. What the heck? The examiner was saying something in English, but I couldn’t understand him. Then he said “Tienes frijoles?” Do you have beans?” Ah, no…I don’t have any beans. There are lentils in Jeff’s suitcase but I didn’t mention those – we think he got the suitcases mixed up. (More later on why there are lentils in Jeff’s suitcase.)

We have our routine…go to the ATM, go to the liquor store (best liquor prices in Costa Rica are at the airport!) and then walk outside to where the Holiday Inn Express shuttle stops.
At the liquor store we get three bottles of wine and a bottle of coconut rum for me. Not sure what I’m going to mix that with – maybe just ice.

As we walk out the airport we see the hotel van and get right on – no waiting at all. I’ve been a little annoyed about the hotel because, even though I am the highest member class (Spire Elite) I couldn’t book a free night with my points, so we have to pay for our room. Oh, well, now I have even more points. I asked the checkin clerk and she said that the hotel has been completely full – I had forgotten that it is high season!

All checked in and time for bed! See you manana

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