Princess Cay – again

Euler Island, Bahamas
Princess Cay
Thursday, March 20th, 2014

The Bahamian island of Eleuthera is 100 miles long and only 2 miles wide! It is kind of a long stick floating in the Atlantic. Princess Cay makes up 30 acres of the island. This area of the Bahamas is sub-tropical with about 340 days of sunshine a year. And this is one of those sun shiny days! We started our day with a workout – Jeff on the treadmill and weights while I did 3 miles around the deck. I would have done my usual 5 miles, but part of the Promenade was blocked off and it was crowded because of that. We had tried to sign up for two shore excursions; one on Grenada and one on Bonaire but they were both filled up. We are #1 on the wait list for one and #2 on the wait list for the other, so we go down to the excursion desk to choose other tours. It’s a bummer because the one we wanted on Grenada goes to a couple of places including a nutmeg processing operation. The tour that is our alternate choice doesn’t do that – it goes to a rum distillery instead. I really had my heart set on the spice thing. We took the tender to Princess Cay around 11. Snorkeled a bit – it was pretty good –

Sargent Major at Princess Cay
Sargent Major at Princess Cay
Jeff and the Emerald Princess
Jeff and the Emerald Princess

then lounged around in our “clamshell” which is kind of like a 3 sided conical tent – keeps the sun off and comes with 2 lounge chairs. Very relaxing. We wandered over to the grill for lunch – since this is a Princess beach all the food is free. We buy a bucket of beer and lounge around more – listening to Jimmy Buffet’s “Songs You Know by Heart.”

Did I tell you that we travel not only with a little portable safe, but also with a small Bluetooth speaker? All of our music is on Jeff’s iphone and with our little speaker we can easily entertain ourselves. We have a couple of beers, pack up the rest and head back to the boat around 2:30.

What a different experience from Princess Cay 2 days ago! After dinner we catch the ventriloquist act, Mark Merchant. He was really good and we hope to see him again. Best entertainment we’ve had this cruise!

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