2016 Adventures

Cigars, Cars and Castro
February 6-19, 2016

After years of talking about it, Jeff and I, along with our friends Eve and Leroy are heading for Cuba! Come along as we learn about and explore this fascinating island.

Please note that Internet access is next to non-existent in Cuba and what there is available is said to be wildly unreliable and expensive. I’ll write my blog as we go along but may not be able to upload the Cuba portion until my return.


Hogar, Dulce Hogar
April 14-21, 2016

Leaving Colorado’s cold, rain and, possibly, snow behind, Jeff and I are off to Costa Rica (again).  Even though this is our 4th trip to Costa Rica, and the 2nd in 6 months, we are sure we’ll have new adventures and meet new friends. Come along!


Iceland: The Long, Slow Dawn
November 19-25, 2016

The Northern Lights, the Golden Circle, the Southern Coast…you are invited to join us on our fun trip to Iceland. What better way to enjoy Thanksgiving than with some nice boiled sheep head? Just kidding, though we are looking forward to trying our some new foods (but NOT boiled sheep head)!

(Iceland blog is completed)