Day at Sea

Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands US
Monday, March 17th
At Sea

After leaving St. Thomas, Emerald Princess went through the Virgin Passage, passing Island Culebrita, then northwest throughout the Nares Abyssal Plain (North Atlantic Ocean) passed Puerto Rico.

Hmmm…not sure what I’ve done; maybe struggled against the current pool too much yesterday but today I have a very stiff, sore neck. The kind of stiff neck where you have to turn your whole upper body instead of just your head to look sideways.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! I get out the big shamrock I bought at the dollar store and (duct) tape it to our cabin door. I’m wearing shorts, a long sleeved white oxford shirt – shirt sleeves rolled up and a pair of bright green suspenders and socks. Jeff has on the St. Patrick’s shirt he picked up at Goodwill before we left home. We are prepared and festive.

Instead of swimming, I’m going to walk with Jeff on the Promenade deck. As we go through the hallway we see a few other decorated doors and people sporting St. Paddy’s Day attire. Very fun!

We walk 5 miles and pretty much every 2 minutes I say “oh, wow” because I am so taken with the ocean, the waves, the sun… I like to think about those who sailed these waters long ago and how brave they must have been.

After walking we return to relax in the cabin. I’ve finished “Saving Fish from Drowning” and enjoyed it very much.

Before dinner we go down to the Piazza which is a large atrium like area. There is a lot of seating, glass elevators, a coffee bar and little International Cafe. We sit and listen to the “Calibri Duo”. One man is playing the violin, the other, an accordion. They are really good – but honestly, what a bizarre duo. Who writes music for violin and accordion?? Never know what kind of entertainment you might happen upon…

Off to dinner and then a relaxing evening in our cabin. We have such a good time on the boat and enjoy our At Sea days. This is our last day at sea for this 10 days as tomorrow we’ll be at Princess Cay.

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