Second Sea Day

Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
At Sea

Yesterday and through the night our ship steamed southeast passing the Eleuthera Island, San Salvador Island and the Anegada Island. We changed course slightly to transit the Sombrero Passage. High today is going to be 81 degrees.

After a nice breakfast on the balcony (coffee, fruit, yogurt) we decided it was time to get our butts in gear. Jeff went to the gym to warm up on the treadmill and to lift weights. I screwed up my courage and did something I’ve always wanted to do on the boat which has been both intimidating and maybe too difficult for me. I went to the current pool. The current pool is outside the spa and gym…it is quite small and no one is ever in the water though the 2 hot tubs are always full. This is an adults only area. I put on my swimsuit, cap, goggles, turned on the current and started to swim. It was great! The current is very strong so I struggled a little at first but soon got my rhythm. I know how long it takes me to swim 1/2 mile so I went a little longer than that since I had flailed around at the beginning. I did it! Got in my 1/2 mile and I know I’ll be doing that throughout the cruise. :-). While I was swimming other people also tried it – seems like they were just waiting for someone to be brave.

We both did today’s SuDuKo puzzle and read for a bit.

Tonight is our first formal night. We enjoy formal night because it is fun to get dressed up which is not something we do very often. There will be 4 formal nights in our 20 days. Of course we didn’t get any photos of ourselves. On the first formal night there is the Captain’s welcome aboard party – free champagne and a big champagne waterfall. We’ve seen it several times so we hung around for our free champagne – had two each and headed for dinner to beat the crowds. We also needed to eat early because we were going to a show afterwards.

Jeff and I always sign up for “anytime dining” instead of the fixed seated dining. We enjoy the opportunity to share our table with people we don’t know and eating whenever we like. Tonight we shared with a couple from the UK, a couple from Canada and a couple from Lafayette, Louisiana. The boat is overflowing with Canadians – apparently the entire country is trying to escape their winter. The couple from Louisiana were a little odd.
When you first sit down, you introduce yourself, say where you’re from and let the conversation wander.

The man from LA introduced himself, then introduced his wife as being “brilliant” and having 5 degrees. No one asked what her degrees were in, and when she talked about being an “advanced” scuba diver and telling the table that as a recreational scuba diver she had been 200 feet down, I held my tongue. I did NOT mention that I am a certified scuba instructor and that what she was saying was hogwash. I did take everything she said after that with a huge grain of salt.

Her husband, who according to her, was “just brilliant” about computers was telling us that soon humans and robots will be interbreeding… and this would be the end of the pure human race. Oh-Kay…Like I said, it is fun to share, though I think if I see them heading for our table again I will flee. Hahaha

We rushed through dinner, even skipping dessert (horrors!) to go to the show in the Princess Theater. It was a singing/dancing performance by the ship’s company of entertainers. The name of the show was “It’s a Swell Party” and Jeff put it succinctly when it said, “It wasn’t”

All in all, a very nice day.

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