Bye-bye Viking land

Well, it is time to head home…

Tom comes over and confesses that he got up very early, went to Rekjavik Roasters for a final visit and then went back to the art gallery and bought BOTH of the pieces he liked. He just couldn’t decide between the two. The art will be shipped to him – something more to look forward to!

We load up the car and with Jeff at the wheel begin our trek to the rental car return place. And…we get lost. Not a lot lost, and both Jeff and Tom would deny we were ever lost, but from the backseat, I could tell we were lost. I felt like we were sneaking up on the car rental place…circling in…. Remember we left there in the dark and all the street signs look like the spell checker was insane. To my incredible surprise we did arrive in plenty of time, and arrived at the airport just fine.

Our trip is over, and it was a wonderful and memorable trip. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our adventure.

Jane and Jeff

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