T minus 7 (Turkey minus 7)

This it Turkey minus 7 days!
 A week from right now I’ll be at Denver International Airport. The requisite 3 hours before my international flight.

Let’s see, am I organized? Pretty much, though I still need to print my postcard address labels. It is much lighter to carry a sheet of pre-printed address labels than my entire address book. Need to make my money cheat sheet – a 3×5 or 4×6 card with one side showing Dollars to Turkish Lira to Euros in a variety of amounts and in that order, the other side going from Lira to Dollars to Euros. A handy on the fly currency conversion.
Tomorrow I will pack (yes, seriously) and then spend the rest of the week trying not to put anything else into my bag!  And ironing is on the list as well.

Last night I downloaded 5 new books to my Kindle.
Snacks…oh, I should think about some snacks…

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