Another great sea day!

Last night we moved our clocks ahead and Jeff and I remembered to do that before turning in for the night, and we set an alarm for 8a.m. We planned to get up and either go to the weight room or walk the Promenade deck. The alarm went off, and we promptly fell back asleep. About 9:45 we finally went to breakfast. We joined another couple’s table; they were from New Jersey and were still overwhelmed by how lush Costa Rica was. Suddenly Jeff said to me, “Look behind you.” I did and there sat Mary and Trish! They were sharing a table as well. How funny.
After breakfast Trish told us that she and Mary were going to have breakfast in their room in the morning – complete with champagne and invited us to join them.

Tomorrow is our Panama Canal transit day!

Mary came with Jeff and me to the medical lecture by Dr. Sam. Today’s talk was titled “Monarchs, Maladies and the History of the World.” WOW! While I could have done without the photos showing the effects of hemophilia, the talk was so interesting. It taught me how disease, and he concentrated on the German monarchy, affected the politics of the day. This guy really needs to post his lectures on YouTube.

Mary went off to do her own thing and there was just enough time for Jeff to run downstairs to get a chai for us to share and get back in time for Humberto, the destination expert’s, talk about the Panama Canal. I’m not sure I mentioned this previously, but before this cruise Jeff and I saw a PBS documentary by Ken Burns on the making of the Panama Canal and it was great. We recommend it.

Since we’ve spent most of the morning sitting in the Princess Theater being educated, we know we need to get some exercise. We walk for about an hour (3+ miles) and suddenly it is 3:30pm. Where has the day gone??

We decide to scout out different locations on the boat to find a good viewing spot for the canal passage and realize that we are STARVING so we pop into the buffet for a quick, late lunch, and there was Mary! Leaving the buffet, we bump into Eve and Leroy. We all decide to meet after they are done with dinner (because they eat so early) to maybe do something together and make plans for tomorrow.

It is formal night, so Jeff and I return to our cabin to shower and change. Jeff looks phenomenal! I tie one of my long skirts into a sari. Tonight is the special Captain’s Circle reception for Captain’s Circle members and we want to be early so we can get good seats. We are successful and share a small table with a rather odd couple. Since 9/11 this couple has refused to FLY anywhere. Luckily for them they live in California and are close to a couple of cruise ports. In fact, they have done this cruise TEN TIMES!!!
And when we end in Fort Lauderdale, they are taking this same ship BACK to San Pedro!

At the Captain’s reception, we meet the captain, there is free alcohol and canapes. I have a glass of champagne and Jeff has a Cosmopolitan. Before I am halfway through my first glass the waitress asks if I would like another. Well, sure! I’m not turning down free champagne. Jeff switches to red wine, pronouncing the Cosmopolitan as tasting like fruit punch. While my attention is turned toward the festivities and the Captain’s speech, the waitress leaves another glass of champagne at my elbow. What a nice surprise.

We meet MELT (Mary, Eve, Leroy, Trish) in the atrium and chatted for a bit. Eve insists on taking some photos of Jeff and I. I’m not nuts about my sari so you won’t see photos of it here! Well, we talked and tried to get organized – to no avail. Can’t decide what time or where to meet in the morning so we agree to just play it by ear.

Since this is the second of our three formal night, and the evening of the Captain’s reception, it is the night for lobster tails in the dining room. Being allergic to shellfish, this option doesn’t thrill me. When we are seated at our shared table of eight, we tell everyone to eat fast because we want to go to the 9:45 show in the Princess Theater. hahaha! There is another couple with the same plan.

Jeff enjoys his TWO lobster tails; he and another couple had two also, and one couple snarfed down THREE lobster tails! While they were still eating, the four show goers ordered dessert…I don’t want to miss my entertainment because these people are pigs. LOL

Tonight’s show is “Motor City” and features the Island Princess’ singers and dancers. It was “okay” and was a nice, relaxing way to end our day.

It is 11:00 p.m. and we are planning to get up early – so, good night!

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